Master Key Experience Week 1, Adventure Begins

Here goes!

My first blog post and I cannot wait to here the feedback and put my thoughts out there. I recently decided to take a step forward in my life and make a change. I found my self doing the same mundane things day in and day out, this created a set of habits and I struggled to change them. I was recommended to take a look at this program Master Key Experience. It has only been few days so far and I already see an improvement in myself. I have been trying to create new habits of waking up early, to be more healthy, and to be goal oriented. I felt a lack of drive in myself but with this course I feel a change. I am waking up earlier than before with a different perspective. It has only been a few days and I cannot wait to see the full impact of this course.

Reading The Greatest Salesman and my goals during the morning helps rejuvenate the morning, reading it during midday helps me not lose momentum, and finally reading it at night helps my mind fall asleep with purpose. I have read before that reading your goals aloud before sleeping will allow your subconscious mind to absorb the information but I seldom believed it and the practice of this habit was not done with enthusiasm. One of the biggest lessons I have taken from this course so far is if you are going to do something then do it with emotion and feeling. Allow your mind to start believing the possibilities! Our subby controls our behaviour and to change our subby we must change our daily habits which will allow our mind to slowly start changing, but they have to be done with emotion and associate positive feelings.

It almost feel like I am back at school. I never truly enjoyed doing homework but for a change this homework i find refreshing. Why is that? Simple, it is for my self growth. I enjoy seeing the positive changes in my life. Stay tuned for week 2, I am excited to share what else I have uncovered through MKE!

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