Master Key Experience Week 2

This is the second week of my MKE journey and what a journey it has been. I can feel the drive within me change every day. Reading scroll 1 of The Greatest Salesman every day, three times a day has rejuvenated each day. I find that reading it in the morning allows me to wake with purpose. When I read it during the day it allows me to not lose momentum and finally when I read it before I sleep it has helped me wake up with purpose. One of the toughest tasks that I find is sitting for 15 minutes and making sure my mind stays present. The amount of thoughts that go through my mind is amazing, I read somewhere that in the span on one day there are as much as 70,000 thoughts go through one’s mind. With that being said to be able to sit for 15 minutes with my mind staying in the present I found to be extremely difficult, yet, i found the results to be life changing. I am at peace more often and find myself not thinking of negative thoughts as often, I found I have more control over the type of thoughts as well, for example I have been controlling what I think about and allowing my self to think positively. I can’t wait for the Third week to be able to travel into new uncharted waters and find buried treasures within.

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