Week 6 – What is going on here?!

Hey everyone!

This has been an amazing week. With the transitioning to the second scroll i feel as if my world is slowly changing.Blog 6 Picture
I am saying in my mind “I Love You” to all whom I come in contact with, and i find it has changed my thoughts. Regardless of how the person is acting towards me, when I have said “I love you” in my mind the person can do no harm. I see this through my actions, where in my day to day job I interact with clients, and a few of the clients can be extremely difficult however using this approach I have found my customer satisfaction has gone up and I able to help those that are irate. This is amazing! I have not felt this great about my own awareness of my mental space in a long time! I believe it goes back to the Law of Substitution, where one cannot have more than one thought at the same time. And by attaching the law of dual thought which is attaching feeling to thoughts, I have found there is a major change in the way I interact. I am thinking of how to praise someone when I meet them and I enjoy doing so, the person receiving the praise is now feeling great and I feel great for helping that person have a better day. I find my self being much more aware of my opinions as well due to this process, and when I catch my self about to give an opinion or think of an opinion in my head I stop my self, and think of a positive aspect of the situation or the person. I cannot wait to see what we are going to be learning this Sunday! Looking forward to it! Time to compound 🙂

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