Week 7 – Mental Detox

It is exactly like it sounds. This week we had a challenge, and that challenge consisted of doing a 7 day mental detox. What is a mental Detox? It is just like a regular detox for our body, but the only difference is we are doing it for our mind instead. We have to be conscious of what we feed our brain just as much as being aware of what we feed our body. I believe it is more important to know what we feed our mind because it is not tangible and sometimes we do not realize what we are putting in our mind due to it being intangible. During the mental detox we cannot have negative thoughts or though processes, this becomes extremely difficult if one is not self aware. For me this was a problem when life becomes “busy” or lacking energy leads to lack of self awareness. Personally I had a tough time with this for most parts. Any time I had to deal with a difficult situation in the beginning of the week I would start having negative thoughts and I would hear my self saying “start over!” non stop. Thankfully due to this week’s exercise I would be on high alert and catch these thoughts and would have to start the process of the 7 day mental detox all over again. This being said, I am extremely grateful for this exercise because it allowed me to build on my self awareness. When one has proper control over their inner thoughts and are able to be self aware then nothing is impossible. When a negative thought entered my mind I used the Law of Substitution, I thought of my happy place and the person I am becoming. The next step for me is to limit the negative thoughts so the law of substitution does not have to be used. Let’s see what next week holds for us!


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