MKE Week 12 – I am a Lion!

Starting the week off with the exercise from the webinar was amazing. Using our one sentence DMP and saying it over and over again for 50 minutes while looking in the mirror i felt as if my internal biology was changing. I was imagining each one of my cells changing as I was reading my one sentence DMP. The energy was outstanding! I definitely used that to internalize my goals for the week and I found that I had a productive week and made more connections this week than in my last month. Mental diet also felt a lot easier this week, I believe it was a combination of Scroll 3 and the one sentence DMP. In Scroll three it states “I am a lion and i refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with the sheep”, this statement has helped my mind to not drift into conversations that are happening around me in regards to complaining. It has been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I feel freer than ever not being able to relate to these conversations at an emotional level. In this week’s reading point 22 states “things are created in the mental and spiritual world before they appear in the outward act or event”, and i believe that by not allowing conversations about complaining and other wasteful subjects to rent space in my head I am able to think more clearly on the person I am to become and the goals that I am going to achieve. I am excited to see what this week’s webinar has to offer. See you all on Sunday!


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