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My name is Graham Norton and you may know me from interview show I run in England. For a long time I have been a huge fan of this one gentleman from Canada who currently lives in America. I decided to take a vacation to America and I thought maybe I would track him down and see if he would be willing to do a quick interview. My assistant reached out to him a week before I left on my vacation and he asked Isuru if he was willing to do an interview. Surprisingly I found out that he is also a big fan of mine and would love to do an interview with me. So now I finally had the chance to interview Isuru Perera at his farm in Nebraska. I had so many questions that I want to ask and get answered and now I finally had the chance. You may not have heard of him but that is just the way he wants to live his life. “I was never into fame, I always wanted to create a quite life and be the guy that control situations from the shadows” Isuru said. I found him to be down to earth and easy going even with all the success he has had in his life.  Before we even got into the interview he took me out near the lake to take a look at the view and relax. We went for a long walk as the sun was rising and drinking some coffee that was just freshly made. As we were walking around the farm, the dogs from the camps were running around joyful and playing. It seemed as if this place had no worries. We finally got back to the house and settled down to get started. I finally had the chance to ask him what made him want to own a farm and a clinic that is providing free therapy to children each year. His answer had me stumbling for words. “When I worked as a behaviour therapist, I saw many children fall through the cracks due to lack of funding. If the child does not fit every criterion then the funding is not available to that child from the government. This was extremely unfair, because now they are not able to get the help they need. I realized at that moment it all came down to money, who ever has money can control their situation and the situation of others. So I decided to build my business Market America to gain wealth so I can impact the lives of these children who are falling through the cracks and take back that control” said Isuru.

He said that reason he wanted to own a farm was even simpler. “Growing up in Sri Lanka I was living a life that was focused on nature and there was an emphasis was put on being close with nature. When I moved to Canada a much faster paced country priorities had to change in order to survive. However I didn’t feel like it was living the life I wanted even as a child because I was missing something that was extremely important to me. When I’m in nature whether it is a forest or just a backyard I feel as peace. Owning a farm then became a goal of mine. I wanted to wake up in the morning to the sounds of nature and not be disrupted by city noise. I decided to incorporate my farm with my love for animals. Animals deserve to be loved as well, rescuing dogs and other animals was simply about giving them a life of happiness.” I could not believe that he created a farm for such a simple reason. I found my self-fascinated at the man because of his demeanour. He didn’t seem all that special so how can he create such a legacy. So I asked him how he could be so successful. “It’s simple” he said, “I asked for help. I asked for help from anyone and everyone, because I knew that I’m not the best at everything but if I focus on my strengths and ask for help from people that are great at my weaknesses then I can create a team of people who are focusing on their strengths and not at their weaknesses. And if everyone is on the same mission, with the same cause, then great things can be achieved. That’s how I created such a successful business, by helping people focus on their strengths and covering for their weaknesses. When people power is used for good, then anything is possible. You attract what you morals and ethics truly stand for,” said Isuru.

After a long discussion with Isuru about his life and how everything came to be and talking about philosophies of life we decided to call it a day. He told me I can drop by whenever I want to and even plug into some of the social interaction classes for the rescued dogs. He gave me a bucket full of homegrown food and sent me on my way. I have never had such a relaxing interview and its one I will never forget.

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