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MKE Week 15 – Getting back on Track

It definitely has been a rollercoaster of a ride. The last few weeks have been tough with physical limitations and the holidays. However I came to a realization that everything happens for a reason. Through this profound thought process i was able to understand why I certain things have occurred in my life. Timing is... Continue Reading →

MKE Week 12 – I am a Lion!

Starting the week off with the exercise from the webinar was amazing. Using our one sentence DMP and saying it over and over again for 50 minutes while looking in the mirror i felt as if my internal biology was changing. I was imagining each one of my cells changing as I was reading my... Continue Reading →

MKE Week 11 – Bend in the Road

Hey All, This week was a rollercoaster. I felt as if everything I learned from the MKE was pushed to the limit this week. Someone extremely close to me was going through a hard time and it definitely impacted me as well. I found that my mindset was not affected as much thanks to self... Continue Reading →

MKE Week 9 – Imagination continued

Hey All! This week has been quite interesting, I had many ups and downs. My biggest struggle has been consistency. I find that with a lack of energy the thoughts are harder to control and law of substitution comes in to play, however even with the law i find my thoughts drifting towards small details... Continue Reading →

MKE Week 8 – Imagination

This was a fun and busy week. This week we had to sit and use our imagination to break down a battleship to its core and analyze all the way back to the conception of the ship. It goes as far back as us voting for the congress that would pass the bill to create... Continue Reading →

Week 7 – Mental Detox

It is exactly like it sounds. This week we had a challenge, and that challenge consisted of doing a 7 day mental detox. What is a mental Detox? It is just like a regular detox for our body, but the only difference is we are doing it for our mind instead. We have to be... Continue Reading →

Week 6 – What is going on here?!

Hey everyone! This has been an amazing week. With the transitioning to the second scroll i feel as if my world is slowly changing. I am saying in my mind "I Love You" to all whom I come in contact with, and i find it has changed my thoughts. Regardless of how the person is... Continue Reading →

Master Key Experience, Week 5

Hey everyone! This is the fifth week of MKE and it has been a rollercoaster! I found the meditation at the end of the day to be a lot better this week. Visualizing at first was hard because I did not have a place in mind, however with more practice I was finally able to... Continue Reading →

Master Key Experience, Week 4

This week's MKE reading opened my eyes to a process which i have been a slave to, the process of not finishing what I started. According to the reading, this leads to a habit of failure and now with this new found knowledge I can clearly see how my actions in the past have hurt... Continue Reading →

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